Josiah Mann

Legal Entity Update Management

When an investor wants to update a legal entity in an investment, as the sponsor, you need to know about it and have the ability to see and approve the changes. And the investor needs to know that their change is being reviewed by the sponsor. We’ve updated the investor’s profile section to show that updates … Read more

Q1 2020 Product Update

We've been working hard over the past few months toward the completion of a major rehaul of the IDR capital raise process as well as improvements to onboarding, document management, and more. We hosted a live webinar on Wednesday, April 15 to go over the current and upcoming changes to the Investor Deal Room platform. ... Read more

Bonus – How to protect your investors’ sensitive data from hackers

Stop sharing wiring instructions over email. One of our early clients lost $200,000 in his first syndication to wire fraud. Another syndicator I know lost 50k to the same hack. Here’s the thing – emails can be spoofed. And bad actors get better at it day after day. You’ve probably seen emails coming from Microsoft … Read more

How to protect your investors’ sensitive data from hackers – Part 3 of 3

Stop sharing sensitive files over email directly Asking small investment companies to not share investor data over email is tough – but when it comes to documents it’s a good practice to use a service specifically for sharing them securely – think Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. In the first part of this series, we fixed … Read more