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Dress to Impress: How an Investor Portal Spotlights the Syndicator

In the world of real estate syndication, locating potential investors might not be the biggest challenge. The real challenge is convincing them to invest with you. Winning investors is beyond pitch decks and meetings. It’s showing legitimacy as they recognize who they invest in matters most. Real estate syndicators are responsible for ensuring the business runs smoothly and remains profitable, from underwriting deals to completing … Read more

Webinar: Meet Investor Deal Room – An Investor Management Solution That is Now Part of the ResMan Family

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about Investor Deal Room and how it helps property owners and real estate syndicators automate investor subscriptions and improve reporting, communication and transparency with investors.

PropTalk: Investment Management in Multifamily – Featuring Reed Goossens, Co-Founder of Wildhorn Capital

PropTalk invites Elizabeth Francisco, President of ResMan, and Josiah Mann, CEO of Investor Deal Room, invited Reed Goossens, Co-Founder of Wildhorn Capital, to discuss how investor management solutions brings multifamily syndicators to their investors, the important considerations to remember when evaluating investor management solutions, and various digital strategies for young investors. To listen to more … Read more

PropTalk: Asset Management in Multifamily – Ft. Patrick Duffy, Founder of Tactical Asset Management

PropTalk invites Elizabeth Francisco, President of ResMan, and Josiah Mann, CEO of Investor Deal Room, to sit down with Patrick Duffy, CEO of Tactical Asset Management, to discuss the 2022 budget cycles, investment strategies, and rent collections. To listen to more episodes of PropTalk, visit

Investor Deal Room has joined forces with ResMan

I’m extremely happy to announce that Investor Deal Room has officially become part of the ResMan family. Who is ResMan? ResMan is a leading software provider in the multi family property management space with a great reputation in the industry and a strong focus on customer experience. Many of our customers already use ResMan to … Read more

Company Update – April 2021

It’s been a long time since our last company update. 2020 was… Well… It was 2020. Enough said. Needless to say, we didn’t let pandemic blues keep us down. We got a lot accomplished from our home offices in Springfield, Missouri. Our small team has been moving mountains to make big things happen, just like … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Syndication Pitch Books

Investors see hundreds of pitch books every year. Your pitch book is the only thing that private investors ever see about you, your real estate syndication company, and your investment opportunity. You’re a snowflake in an avalanche. Even if you are already using an investor portal software, that tool only helps to amplify your pitch … Read more

The Ultimate Software Guide For Real Estate Syndicators

If you're a real estate syndicator or run a real estate investment firm, having the right software can give you a leg up on your competitors and keep your business running smoothly. While software like Investor Deal Room helps real estate syndicators raise capital, impress their investors, and keep their back office organized, our most ... Read more

Is your investor facing website vulnerable to being hacked?

Is your investor website vulnerable to being hacked? Do you know if your web design team has a firewall in place protecting your website? Most web designers use frameworks like WordPress to build websites, but they often don’t know much about managing the behind the scenes technology that powers the website. I used to be … Read more

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