[Case Study] How We Decreased One Real Estate Syndicator's Investor Management Time By 10X While Increasing Referrals

In this case study, you will learn...

  • How to increase investor transparency and credibility
  • How to build your business into a highly referrable brand and improve customer service
  • How to make capital raises painless
  • How to increase insight into your own business
  • How to spend more time on finding the next deal and meeting new investors

A few of our clients and trusted partners...

Decreased Investor Management Time By 9X While Increasing Referrals

“We’ve been able to automate of a huge chunk of our investor management, from getting subscription documents signed, getting payout details, generating the welcome letters, and it’s been huge.

During our raises our time spent managing investors has gone from probably 45 minutes per investor to about 5 minutes.

The most powerful thing that’s hard to quantify is how important the level of professionalism we bring is. Having two factor authentication, email verification, to have that and be able to tout it to investors is extremely legitimizing”.

Andrew Campbell
Managing Partner at Wildhorn Capital

Screenshot of App in Browser
Screenshot of App in Browser

Raised $2M And Improved Capital Raise Workflow While Preparing To Scale

"Outstanding. I can’t emphasize enough what an improvement this is over the process on my last raise.”

"The reason I got the portal set up now is to get it in place for future deals as I scale my business, but really a lot of it is about customer service for me. A big part of my business is being a highly referable brand. With Investor Deal Room I look the same as an institutional player."

Devin Elder
Principal at DJE Texas

Decreased Investor Management Time By 10X+ While Increasing Referrals.

"As our investor base grew, we had started sending out individual investor statements in order to provide more transparency and differentiate ourselves from the competition. In addition to getting out distributions and finishing quarterly reports for all our funds, that process alone was taking us probably 45 minutes per investor every quarter.

Now that process literally takes 5 minutes per fund. We just enter the distribution data, click a button, and the individual statements are automatically generated for each investor.

I’ve heard from a lot of our investors that the portal has increased our credibility and more and more investors started asking what other deals we had to invest in. One client actually told me that portal made him want to invest more money with us."

Aaron Cook
Partner at Covemark Group

Screenshot of App in Browser

Our Team

Josiah Mann


Josiah is a entrepreneur and self taught software engineer. After a couple of years running his own web shop, Josiah led a small development team and worked on Fortune 100 company web apps. Josiah is driven and passionate about delivering a world class user experience.

Jonathan Mann


Jonathan is a full stack engineer with experience managing teams and working on enterprise web applications. He also brings a wealth of management experience and knowledge in building sustainable businesses.

Aaron Cook


Aaron Cook is the founding and managing partner of the CoveMark Group and has been involved in over $60 million dollars of private investments. Aaron brings significant subject matter expertise along with personal experience in having a portal built for his own company.

Andrew Campbell


Andrew Campbell is a native Austinite and real estate entrepreneur. Andrew’s background is in Market Research & Brand Strategy, spending time in both advertising agencies and emerging technology consultancies, where he was most recently a Partner at an award winning app developer. He received a BS in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Baylor University.

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