Below are some of the most commonly used features of our investor management software.

PS. If we haven’t listed a feature you need, we’d love to build it! Just reach out through our contact page.

A CRM Built For Investor Relationship Management

We’ve optimized our CRM to help you get your data out of Docusign and Dropbox and store all your sensitive investor information directly in your secure site.

  • Bulk Email & Project Updates
  • Custom Fields & Tags
  • Investor Accreditation Tracking
  • Investor Profile Management
Screenshot of Investor Deal Rooms' investor relations CRM
Secure Document Management

Secure Document Management

Securely share private documents and investment updates with investors with the click of a button. Upload all of your K1s instantaneously with our smart name matching.

  • Bulk Upload K1s
  • Document Uploaded Notifications
  • Folder Management
  • Store Documents to Individual CRM Contacts
  • Secure S3 Storage

Organize And Automate Your Capital Raise

We make raising capital easy. Our proprietary Investment Workflow tool allows us to create a smooth investment workflow that makes the process seamless for you and your investors.

  • Investment Tracker Dashboard
  • Customizable Investment Workflow
  • Docusign Integration
  • Referral / Co-GP Management
Capital Raise Management Investment Tracker Screenshot

Here's what some of our clients are saying

Andrew CampbellPrincipal

We’ve been able to automate of a huge chunk of our investor management, from getting subscription documents signed, getting payout details, generating the welcome letters, and it’s been huge.

Kristine JeffersonPartner

I honestly don’t know how’d we be doing this raise as successfully and professionally and saving so much time without this.

Aaron CookPrincipal

Our investor feedback has been amazing and our capital raises and K1 management are a thousand times easier.

David ThompsonFounder

Being able to gain visibility into our investors, rank them by number of deals or amount invested, etc, has been extremely useful. Additionally, we really enjoy working with Josiah & the IDR team.

Steeve BretonPrincipal

I’ve now used two other platforms and hands down IDR is the best for what I do.

Jacob A.Director of Valuations

After evaluating IMS, Juniper Square, and smaller investor portals on the market, I was very impressed with the simplicity and the functionality of IDR. Many of my personal investments are now on IDR which I believe is by far the most intuitive and simple.

Distribution Management Screenshot

Distribution Management

Set up your cap table with the click of a button, then run distribution calculations and generate personalized investor statements with another.

  • One Click Distribution Calculator
  • Investor Statement Generator
  • Choose What Metrics To Show
  • One Click Export of Payout Preferences
  • Waterfall Calculations (Coming Soon)
  • Automated Payouts (Coming Soon)

Data Consolidation & Simplified Reporting

Getting off of Excel and getting your data out of Docusign has never been so easy. Your new investor management software is the single source of truth for you and your CPA.

  • Investment Reports
  • Investor Profile Reports (Legal Entities, Payout Preferences, etc.)
  • Distribution History Report
  • CRM Contacts Report
Reports Screenshot
Cyber Security Screenshot

Cyber Security & Fraud Protection

Stop putting your investor’s money and your business at risk by sending secure documents and wiring instructions over email. Your new investor management software has two factor authentication, uses military grade encryption, and performs regular penetration tests to ensure your protection.

  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Regular Penetration Tests (performed by outside third party)

Referral Management / Co-GP Tracking

Working with outside partners to refer investors to your deals becomes an order of magnitude more difficult when they don’t have visibility into your operations. Give them their own limited access and track all investors they invite to your deals.

  • Referring Partner Tracking
  • Co-branded Registration Pages
  • Read Only Access
  • Filter Investors by Partner
Referral Management Screenshot

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