Organize and Automate Your Capital Raise.

We make raising capital easy. Our proprietary Investment Workflow tool allows us to create a smooth investment workflow that makes the process seamless for you and your investors.

  • Investment Tracker Dashboard
  • Customizable Investment Workflow
  • Investor data pre-filled into Docusign
  • Referral / Co-GP Management

Capital Raising Tools That Put You In Control

We’ve focused our efforts on creating capital raising tools that allow you to fully customize your investment workflow, AND provide a seamless investment experience for your investors.

No matter what process you follow, you’ll have complete control over every step, and you’ll also be able to save your settings to make future raises easier.

If you’d rather get right to work, we’ve also provided standard templates to help you skip the set-up and start raising capital right away.

Creating A Seamless Capital Raise Experience

When we first set out to develop an investor management software, we knew that we had to nail one thing: raising capital.

A seamless investment process can go a long way in building investor relationships and creating repeat investors.

Our capital raising tools initially only automated a very specific investment process used by Multifamily Syndicators. We kept getting questions about the stages of our investment process and whether or not they could be customized.

We wondered, “Is there a way that we can give our clients the ability to create their own investment workflow? Can we let them create their own capital raising automation, without a complicated user interface?”

Here’s some of the things our proprietary Investment Workflow Builder allows you to do:

  • Fully customize each stage of the investment process, or choose a template to start right away.
  • Use customizable drag and drop forms to collect investor information.
  • Integrate directly with your HelloSign or Docusign account for easy to use e-signing solutions.
  • Prepopulate information like addresses, phone numbers, and tax IDs into your subscription docs to increase velocity and eliminate repetitive work for your investors.
  • Create a great Mobile e-signing experience without the need for a mobile app and limited user interface.
  • Save investor data to decrease friction and further increase velocity on future raises.
  • Dramatically reduce the amount of time your investors spend inputting information.
  • Have more control over your e-signing experience by allowing multiple manager signatures, second investor or spouse signatures, and more
  • View all investments in one place and use search filters to find the investments you need.
  • Track the investment stages as your investors move through the process that you create.

Did we mention once you’ve created your own investment stages, they can be saved and used to automate future raises?

Automate Your Capital Raise

We’ve added a few steps to the initial set-up to give you more control, but we’ve never lost sight of the prize at the end of the rainbow: being able to sit back and watch as the funds come flooding in. After launching a new deal to investors, you’ll be able to focus your energy on engagement and outreach instead of losing time and energy on trivial tech problems and putting out fires.

What it looks like

Capital Raising Features

Fully Customizable Workflows

Arrange the stages of your investment workflow to create the investor experience you've always wanted.

Multiple Deal Templates

Create multiple workflows and save your settings to simplify future raises.

Mobile-friendly Subscription Process

Create custom forms to capture investor information and pre-fill subscription documents.

Docusign Integration

Your portal will link to your existing Docusign account and make signing a breeze for your investors.

Investment Tracker

Track each investor's progress through the capital raise process, and see individual and total commitments at a glance.

Referral Tracking

Allow referring partners to see investors tagged to their team and view their progress at a glance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a Docusign account?


We’ve found that providing an embedded e-signing experience significantly degrades the user experience we’re able to provide our sponsors.

We’re good at investor portals and investor management. 

Docusign is good at e-signatures.

By allowing you to have your own Docusign account, you’re not boxed into arbitrary limitations imposed by integration challenges.

With our Docusign integration, the investor starts at the portal and ends at the portal in a seamless process.   You’ll also have unlimited flexibility and the ability to send one-off documents in cases where a linear subscription process isn’t ideal.

How long does it take to set up a new project?

We provide optional project and Docusign setup services that usually take 3-4 days.

For pro users, your team can set up the process on your own and link your Docusign template as soon as you’re ready.

What if I have a unique investment process?

Our proprietary investment workflow tool allows us to completely customize your the investment process to your needs.  Contact us for more information.