Secure Document Management

Securely share private documents and investment updates with investors with the click of a button. Upload all of your K1s instantaneously with our smart name matching.

  • Bulk Upload K1s
  • Document Uploaded Notifications
  • Folder Management
  • Store Documents to Individual CRM Contacts
  • Secure S3 Storage

Document management simplified

Our document management system uses a simplified folder system to organize your important documents without unnecessary features like custom metadata and barcode filing.

Easily upload K1’s, subscription agreements, and accreditation documents in seconds with our bulk upload tool, or publish performance updates for all your investors to see.

You can also upload and store documents directly inside a contact record inside the CRM to keep track of important tax information, accreditation status, and anything else they need.

How we make things easy

Here, you can see how we’ve created a document management system that uses investment profiles to make your life easier.

Let us explain…

The end result is an easy to administer experience for you and an extremely simple and intuitive experience for your investors.

Investor see a simple sidebar link showing them every document that is unique to them in the portal – accreditation documents, K1s, subscription documents, you name it.

Those can be easily filtered and the investor can choose between a folder view and a list view.

Then, as they click into any investment in their portfolio, they’ll also be able to see any reports and offering specific documents to that investment.

Admins can easily upload documents to individual investors, bulk upload to multiple individual investors, or add a file that is visible to everyone who has invested in the deal.

Admins can also easily give document access to CPAs, spouses, etc by attaching the investment profiles used for the investments.

Admins can also upload documents that aren’t related to a deal, like accreditation documents, directly to the investor’s CRM record.

Document Management Features

K1 Bulk Upload

Upload dozens of K1s in seconds and our smart matching tool will automatically find the right investor. Just include the investors name in the file name and voila! We’ll take care of the rest.

Bulk Actions

Any document can be easily uploaded to your IDR portal. Simply select the investor and the folder you want it stored in and your docs will be uploaded in seconds. You can also easily export your documents in bulk to be printed or stored elsewhere.

Folder Management

We’ve started you off with a few folders we know you’ll need, but we know we haven’t thought of everything. We’ve provided the ability to create your own folders to give you control over document management in your portal.

Contact Documents

Documents can be saved to an investment or to a contact record in your CRM. We’ll even keep track of when it needs to be renewed. Investors can even upload verification documents.


Investor Deal Room can send out a notification any time you upload a document that provides the investor a secure link to access the document.

Secure By Default

Documents are stored in a secure S3 bucket using industry standard AES-256 encryption that can only be accessed from your portal.

Unlimited Storage

All plans come with unlimited document storage on a private S3 bucket separate from other clients.

Version History

All documents keep a running version history as changes are made and are regularly backed up.


You can always count on the fact that a real live person is around to help you when needed. We provide top notch support via phone or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this replace a tool like Dropbox or Google Drive?

That depends.

Currently, there might still be some cases when you would want to keep private documents that aren’t relevant to any investors. Those would still be good use cases for Google Drive or Dropbox.

Though we might add other types of private file storage later, right now we’re focused on making document sharing with investors a breeze.

How many documents can I have in the CRM? How much storage space?

All of our plans allow for unlimited storage space and documents in your investor portal, though we do have reasonable file size limits.

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