Photo of CEO/Founder, Josiah Mann

Josiah Mann

Founder & CEO

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

I thought I’d put my favorite quote from Steven Covey here because it has played such a crucial role in my life as well as the creation of this company.

I’ve been a designer and developer for many years and love bringing my creations to life… but at some point I got tired of creating things that nobody wanted to buy.

When I learned to seek first to understand in business everything changed for me.

Investor Deal Room is one of the first fruits of that philosophy. We’ve listened to the market before we had customers. Now that we have clients, we continue to listen closely with the intent of really understanding their needs rather than assuming we understand.


My technical background is in web design and digital marketing. After teaching myself to code through online courses I ended up first running a freelance web design company, then consulting for larger companies, and finally leading development teams for some of the largest companies in the world and teaching thousands of others through online courses.

My work has led me to constantly work toward finding the balance between left brain and right brain activities – aesthetics vs. utility, design vs. development, simplicity vs. complexity.

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