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iTunes Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/7-rules-for-real-estate-investing-with-nick-raithel/id1375322376

Description: What do they know that you don’t? Find out on “7 Rules For Real Estate Investing”. This show brings you today’s most successful real estate investors, as they take everything they know and break it down into 7 clear rules. On each episode you’ll hear a different guest with their own set of 7 rules. The episodes also go beyond the 7 rules too, so you’re able to learn even more from these “titans” of the REI world. And – just so you know – this is NOT going to be boring either. Not a chance. In fact, you won’t believe some of the entertaining topics guests talk about – along with their 7 Rules for Real Estate Investing. To hear those topics, plus the 7 Rules – CLICK “Play” in iTunes now.

Host: – Nick Raithel
Contact Information: – http://contentcorps.net/

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