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The Old Dawg’s REI Network Podcast Show is a weekly broadcast hosted by Bill Manassero.  Each week we will feature an engaging series of down-to-earth, information-packed interviews, you’ll tap into the little-known tips for real-world real estate investors, and learn how to be a sharper, knowledgeable, more profitable real estate investor.

Join us for each engaging episode as we tackle industry-relevant topics head-on, with zero hype or fluff. You’ll hear an array of relevant tips, tricks, techniques and profit models, all served up easy to consume and benefit from in your own real estate investing endeavors. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advance investor, you’ll learn not only the real world knowledge and skills you need today, but also the mindset necessary to sharpen your real estate investing skills, and crank your REI endeavors to the next level for you. We’re all about making real estate investing fun, simple, easier and more profitable for you.

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Phone: 949-392-1999

Host: Bill Manassero

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